Another possible celebrity sex tape will hit the net in short time. This time itís UKís model Sophie Anderton who apparently made a sex video with her ex-boyfriend Mark Bosnich.

A video tape of Sophie having sex with her ex-boyfriend Mark Bosnich is being circulated and could end up on the internet any day.

"The graphic footage was taken several years ago when Sophie was dating the former Chelsea footballer.
Says a friend: "Sophie is frantic with worry about the tape coming out. It was one they made together ages ago.
"Mark told her that it had been destroyed, but somehow it has re-emerged.

"She has no idea where it is now or who has seen it. If it comes to light, which it looks like it will, it's going to be hugely damaging and very embarrassing for Sophie."

"Sophie's been told that the tape is going to be sold to the highest bidder so she's hoping she can get there first."